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Indulge in the luxurious feel of pure silk or cashmere with our latest seasonal updates, designed to keep you effortlessly stylish and cosy throughout the year.

From our signature silk scarves, cashmere shawls, to timeless cashmere ponchos, from sumptuous floral mulberry silk dresses to luxurious cashmere knitwear, to our brand new merino wool, cashmere silk blend knitwear range, we offer something extra special for everyone.

Enjoy the finer things in life - upgrade your wardrobe today with these fashion items crafted exclusively from sustainable natural fabrics that are made to last.

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Indulge in the plush softness of pure cashmere, the rich depth of yak, the luxury blend of cashmere and silk... Whether you're dressing for a formal affair or simply embracing everyday luxury, our collection offers a seamless fusion of style and comfort.


Silk Dresses

Silk/Cashmere Blend Knitwear

Cashmere Knitwear

Merino Wool Knitwear

Yak Knitwear



Discover sustainable luxuries here or explore by collections below

Silk Scarves Collections -- crafted from 100% mulberry silk.

Cashmere Scarves Collections-- crafted from 100% Inner Mongolian cashmere, some of the finest in the world

Cashmere Ponchos - a luxurious selection that effortlessly combines style and versatility.

Cashmere Shawls - ensures warmth and comfort with style for the cold-weather seasons