Silk Benefits

A youthful, glowing complexion 

  • With over 18 different types of natural amino acids, the tightly woven smooth fibres of silk form a natural barrier to keep moisture close to the skin, thus help prevent dehydration of the skin 

  • the tightly woven fibres of silk also help protect the skin from UV damage, which accounts for 80 per cent of skin ageing, including wrinkles, and reduces skin cancer risk

  • The natural cellular albumen in silk helps speed up metabolism of skin cells and can help maintain healthy young looking skin


  • The sericin residue is a natural repellent that keeps the bugs, bacteria, and mould away, keeping you safe from skin rashes, eczemas and stuffy nose, a property that any synthetic fibres, wools, or even some cottons that may contain small, stiff, woven fibres that can cause irritation simply cannot match

Temperature control and moisture wicking 

  • An all-climate fabric, silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. Its natural temperature regulating property gives silk the paradoxical ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter

  • Highly absorbent silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and drives quickly. It will absorb perspiration while allowing the skin to breathe to keep you dry and comfortable in any climate, year-round

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