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Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Pink Delight

Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Pink Delight

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Light and elegant, bright and colourful, this oversized extra large silk scarf features vibrant pink colours in naturally gradient shades with a pop of orange and blue, creating a luxury piece that will instantly add some pop of colour to any outfit.

With a generous size of 175 cm long and 110 cm wide this super soft 100% mulberry silk scarf can be easily styled into a silk sarong to instantly add some colours to the swimwear.

With its natural temperature regulating feature this pure silk scarf can be wrapped around the neck to keep you warm in cold weather while the soft pastel colours brightening up any day...

With 18 different natural amino acids and tightly woven fibre this pure silk scarf will form a natural barrier against the UV damage to your skin, keeping your skin moisturised and cool in the hot weather.

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