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Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Dark Red

Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Dark Red

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Elevate your style with our red silk scarf, crafted from 100% pure silk. Available in an array of bright colours, this silk accessory is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Designed specifically for warmer weather, this lightweight silk scarf is perfect for draping effortlessly around your neck or shoulders. Its versatility allows for endless styling options.

Featuring generous dimensions of 180cm * 110cm, this red silk scarf can also be styled as a beach sarong. Its airy and floaty nature will keep you cool and comfortable during the hotter months, while adding an elegant touch to your beach attire.

Not only does silk exude opulence, but it also offers practical benefits. With its natural properties and abundance of 18 proteins, silk acts as a natural barrier, protecting your delicate skin from harmful UV rays during the scorching summer days. Embrace the beauty of silk and let it become your go-to accessory for both style and sun protection.


100% Silk Scarf in Dark Red Colour

180 cm * 110 cm

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