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Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Coral Green

Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Coral Green

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Introducing a stunning new addition to our collection: a luxuriously long silk scarf measuring 175cm in length and 110cm in width.

This exquisite silk scarf features intricate coral designs in soft pastel pink and vibrant, delightful green colours, with a pop of soothing blue.

Crafted from lightweight mulberry silk, it boasts a floaty and airy texture, making it the perfect fashion accessory for summer days by the seaside or on a cruise.

During sunny summer days, the natural proteins present in silk protect your skin from harmful UV damage, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable.

In winter, the silk's inherent properties trap air, providing warmth and insulation.

This versatile pure silk scarf effortlessly transitions from a party to the boardroom to a holiday resort, allowing you to exude elegant glamour at every occasion.

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