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Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Bloom Orange

Rainbow Range| Large Silk Scarf Bloom Orange

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Introducing the Long Hibiscus Floral Silk Scarf—a mesmerizing fusion of orange and pale brown, accompanied by different shades of pink, hints of green, in an artistic watercolour effect —a true epitome of refined elegance. Meticulously crafted for discerning women with an appreciation for timeless sophistication and the enchanting floral design.

Perfect for weddings accessories for mother of the bride, or a unique gift for mums or someone extraordinary. The captivating watercolour paint effect, enhanced by the vibrant orange and pale brown floral motif, imparts an undeniable grace to every ensemble. The warm tones make it the perfect accent for wedding attire, while the sumptuous silk fabric ensures a luxurious, soft feel against the skin.

Be it a wedding party or a unique gift, this floral silk scarf promises to enchant and captivate, seamlessly merging exquisite aesthetics with unparalleled comfort - a wearable piece of art that's sure to impress.

100% Mulberry Silk Scarf in Multicolour of Orange, Brown, Pink, and Green

175cm * 110cm 

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