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Rainbow Range|Large Silk Scarf Azure Delight

Rainbow Range|Large Silk Scarf Azure Delight

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The perfect lightweight silk scarf for the warmer weather, this design is ideal for effortlessly accessorising a plain dress. Light and elegant, bright and cheerful, this large silk scarf features vibrant blue colours in naturally gradient shades with a pop of orange and green, creating a luxury piece that will instantly add some pop of colour to any outfit.

With a generous size of 175 cm long and 110 cm wide this super soft and lightweight silk scarf can be easily styled into a silk sarong to instantly add some colours to your swimming wear

With 18 different natural amino acids and tightly woven fibre silk will form a natural barrier against the UV damage to your skin, keeping your skin moisturized and cool in the hot weather 

100% Mulberry Silk 

175 cm * 110 cm 

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