Step into Style

This year why not treat someone you love or pamper yourself something that cares for your hair and skin naturally, something that is made to last, designed to be special?

Everything here at Vshine Silk and Shine is designed with your health in mind
  • the 100% silk pillowcases are naturally skin loving, ensure blissful night sleep to wake up fresh and energetic, perfect for those who suffer from restless night sleep due to temperature or comfort of the bedding, because silk is naturally temperature regulating, wonderfully soft and soothing to the skin, with our price it is so budget friendly... 
  • the 100% silk scarves are naturally hair caring, designed to last wash after wash with the right care, with classic and evergreen design, the elegant luxury pieces will never go out of fashion, working tirelessly to complement all your outfits ...
  • the 100% cashmere range is all crafted from the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia, from factories that supply the top fashion houses, at remarkably budget friendly price... not all cashmere are of the same quality just like not all silk is the same, our quality has to be handled to be appreciated


Vshine Silk and Shine Finest Cashmere Shawl CreamVshine Silk and Shine Finest Cashmere Shawl Green
Vshine Silk and Shine Finest Cashmere Shawl OrangeVshine Silk and Shine Finest Cashmere Range

This Christmas, to make your Christmas shopping easier, we are offering:

  • Free return on orders of £50+
  • Free silk mask on orders of £200+
  • Full Tracking on Delivery for All orders, depending on if Royal Mail is on strike or not, this might not always be available

Christmas Delivery Dates:

For Christmas delivery please place your order by the below dates and times:

  • Standard Delivery - Thursday 15th December at 11:59pm
  • Next Day Delivery - Sunday 18th December at 6pm

All orders are delivered by Royal Mail either via 48 hour fully tracked service or 24 hour deliver on signature, however with the ongoing royal mail strikes we suggest you place your important Christmas shopping at your earliest to avoid missing the Christmas delivery. 

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Vshine Silk and Shine Rainbow RangeVshine Silk and Shine Silk Scarves Oil Painting RangeVshine Silk and Shine Luxury Limited Edition Extra Large Silk ScarfVshine Silk and Shine Silk Scarves Blossom Range