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Vshine Silk and Shine accessories are crafted exclusively from 100% Natural Premium material, in Silk or Cashmere only, making them luxury gifts to pamper someone special, while caring for our environment

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Vshine Silk and Shine Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves Range

Luxurious and lustrous, soft and soothing, silk has rightly earned the title of the queen of fabrics. Its texture and lustre has made it a popular and luxury fabric since its origin in China many centuries ago.

Silk’s absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather.

This natural temperature regulating property makes silk the perfect material for fashion accessories such as scarves and shawls

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Vshine Silk and Shine Cashmere Shawls

Finest Cashmere Range

Crafted from the finest pure gauzy cashmere, the feather-light piece is sumptuously soft to touch and wonderfully warm.

Available in an assorted range of colours, with an oversized finish, complete with textural fringing...

Invest in this versatile piece of accessory that will keep you warm and cosy without compromising on style, summer through winter.

Made from Inner Mongolian goat, the cashmere is considered the highest quality, having the longest and most resilient fibre

Pure cashmere 

Made in Inner Mongolia
L230cm x W100cm approx

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A life style brand for home and fashion accessories Vshine Silk and Shine sets out to be different by offering high quality products in premium natural fabrics, mainly silk and cashmere, that are engineered to last, designed to differentiate, and crafted with love, for consumers who value quality but not necessarily want to compromise on value, who define and shape their own style but not necessarily follow the high street.

We go beyond fleeting fashion trends to deliver unique pieces in 100% premium natural fabric only with outstanding craftsmanship in classic and evergreen style, at unbeatable value, for consumers to wear and treasure for a long time.

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