How to tell if it is genuine silk or not

Vshine Silk and Shine Hand Painted Silk Scarf

With a myriad of choices out there all claimed to silk, how do you decide which is real silk and which is imitation? 

Our top tips:
  • by looking -- real silk has a natural multicoloured lustre and the colours appear different from different angles, whereas the fake silk shows the same white sheen at all angles
  • by touching -- real silk feels wonderfully soft and comfortable next to the skin because it is a natural protein fibre, whereas the fake silk does not give the same comfortable feel and is quite slippery
  • by handling -- real silk has natural elasticity so you can bunch it up easily and once let go it opens up quickly
  • by burning -- real silk does not burn easily and when burning it smells like the burning of hair with residue easily crushed into ash, whereas the fake silk burns quickly with a chemical smell and the residue is sticky together, if you can find a few threads to test this is perhaps the easiest way to find out
  • by price -- real silk production involves a complex process of sericulture, extracting raw silk, dyeing, spinning, and weaving, the whole process is labour intensive, so naturally the price would reflect the extra work and premium quality
In addition, it also helps to double check the product description especially the composition because products titles can be misleading, for example, often products are titled silk but in fact the content of silk is less than 20%, and other times the title simply says silk like scarves or bedding, but in fact it is 100% synthetic material

Once you own a silk luxury of your own, you would be able to tell the differences after luxuriating in all the benefits of genuine silk
Hope you enjoyed reading and feel confident in choosing silk products now
Vshine Silk and Shine Silk Making Process
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