Is Silk Scarf Warm in Winter or Autumn

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Silk is a popular choice for the warm weather not only because it is naturally breathable to help us stay cool and fresh but also because its naturally tightly woven long fibre helps to protect our delicate skin from UV damage.

So is silk scarf warm enough for the cold weather?

The answer is yes because silk warms to our body and its low thermal conductivity does not readily transfer our body heat to the environment, and its naturally tightly woven fibre helps to shield our skin from cold air, thus keeping us warm.

In addition, because it is naturally breathable it keeps us from feeling sweaty when staying indoors or after exercising, so helps maintain a balanced temperature.

Further, silk is not only wonderfully soft and comfortable to skin, but also divinely light to wear under thick coat, keeping you warm, comfortable, flexible, and stylish, unlike  the woollen scarves, which can be quite itchy, bulky, and irritating to the skin.

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So is it time of the year to indulge in some much coveted silk shopping?




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