100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases 22 Momme Extra Shine Heavy Weight Silver
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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases 22 Momme Extra Shine Heavy Weight Silver

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Crafted from 100% Mulberry Silk our luxury 22 Momme silk pillow case collections are designed with ultimate comfort and style in mind, perfect for modern and classic bedroom decor alike

Inspired, transcribed, directly from the silk city of China, the origin of Silk more than 5000 years ago … where the legend and stories of Silk Road begins…

Made to be used many times over many years, with the right care

Manufactured using only eco-friendly organic dyes with no harmful emissions, no waste water into the environment, nor plastic threads along silk

Perfected in an assorted range of Rainbow colours, styles, offering exceptional comfort, versatile styles, in luxurious silk nobleness …

Priced to treat you with the best value, because it is supplied by an Ecommerce business that conduct business either virtually or in person, rather than through an office, to reduce operational cost, bureaucracy, because we believe customers are entitled to quality without having to compromise on value, in defiance of the belief in the high street, where price is not necessarily a reflection of value, where customers have to pay for the privilege of wearing a label …

Have you thought about treating yourself with something truly luxury every night, check our silk beddingset ...

With us spending 1/3 of our life in bed an investment in quality sleep makes sense right? 


100% mulberry silk 
(Grade 6A, 22momme)
51 cm * 76 cm 

Available in an assorted range of colours 

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