Healthy Sustainable Unique Christmas Gifts for wife, girlfriend, or mum




With Christmas fast approaching, are we all getting ready for the festival season?

Christmas is all about gift giving, you may be wondering what Christmas Gift to give to girlfriend, what Christmas Gift for wife, or for mum?

The pandemic this year has highlighted more than ever before the importance of good health and how important it is to be looking after ourself and our vulnerable family and friends ...

This year for Christmas why not treat yourself or your loved ones something that would care for their health and general well being?

Everything here at Vshine Silk and Shine is designed with that in mind
  • the 100% silk pillowcases are naturally skin loving, ensure blissful night sleep to wake up fresh and energetic, perfect for those who suffer from restless night sleep due to temperature or comfort of the bedding, because silk is naturally temperature regulating, wonderfully soft and soothing to the skin, with our price it is so budget friendly...
  • the 100% silk scarves are naturally hair caring, designed to last wash after wash with the right care, with classic and evergreen design, the elegant luxury pieces will never go out of fashion, working tirelessly to complement all your outfits ...
  • the 100% cashmere range is all crafted from the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia, from factories that supply the top fashion houses, at remarkably budget friendly price... not all cashmere are of the same quality just like not all silk is the same, our quality has to be handled to be appreciated

That is why at Christmas Fair in London Olympia we see our scarves so well received by customers, new and current

Being a young brand not focusing on advertisements we rely on word of mouth from customers who have bought and loved our accessories.

This Christmas, to make your Christmas shopping easier, we are offering:

  • Free return on orders of £50+
  • Free silk mask on orders of £200+
  • Full Tracking on Delivery for All orders

Christmas Delivery Dates:

For guaranteed delivery before Christmas, please place your order by the below dates and times:

  • Standard Delivery - Tuesday 15th December at 11:59pm
  • Next Day Delivery - Friday 22nd December at 6pm

Happy Christmas Shopping! Treat yourself and someone your love with a gift that they can wear and treasure for ever! Stay health and safe! 

Christmas Gifts for good health

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